The Experience

Your arrival at Coque is the beginning of the culinary journey with four stops along with way, each with a distinct focus in terms of flavor and innovation. A journey in which you use all your senses, including those that you only think you possess. You'll need to not only smell and taste, but also touch, feel, imagine and even recreate flavors that you may never have tried before.

A new space with respect to our previous location is our cocktail bar, where you start the tour. Once you’re fully immersed in the space and surrounded by 3,000 varieties, each telling a unique tale, known as the "bottle coliseum" arranged in three levels, brings you to the first of the three legs of the Coque universe, the enology, led by Rafael. Once you go in you won't want to come out! But the next stop is just ahead: the kitchen, where Mario receives you and where you can take in the legendary wood stove and observe the center of research and development.

The last leg of your journey will be captained by Diego, the maitre d’hotel. Once comfortably seated in the main dining room, you are ready for the crescendo, complete with trolley and dish-finishing at the table. You're already a part of Coque. You've learned and tasted. You're part of the family. You’re part of our future.