After more than 40 years and three generations in the same building located in Humanes de Madrid, the old Sandoval family restaurant has continued to grow by taking a step forward and emerging on a new scene. With its two Michelin stars, three Ms from the Guía Metrópoli and three Repsol Suns, Coque has now opened its doors in the heart of Madrid, in a space of 1,100m2 where hopes, dreams and mutual respect are the order ofthe day. Mario, Rafael and Diego Sandoval, third-generation restaurateurs, have imagined their ideal space into being, each applying his own signature touch, led by designer Jean Porsche.

The result is a place that "draws on our collective strengths," explains Mario Sandoval. With an interior design and layout meant to delight diners, the venue offers an original and unique culinary experience, with a sensory journey through four spaces: the cocktail bar, wine cellar, kitchen and dining room, spaces through which you’ll wend a path, as you enjoy personalized service and take in the attention to detail in every space. In each room, the guest gets the chance to savor the fruits of Mario's imagination, creator of an evolved yet humble cuisine, which is as agile as it is well-researched, created to delight the palate.

Welcome to the new Coque, the old Coque, the Coque of the future.